Painteractive - interactive colouring. Enables anyone to make real pictures from their own photos.
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Created and developed by artist Mike Edwards - it's a simple App that works with your own photos and off-the-shelf art materials.

Enabling YOU to make real paintings from YOUR OWN PHOTOS...

It's now well established that creative expression has positive personal, social and societal benefits. The huge increase in the adult colouring book trend over the last 18 months is evidence of this - with much written about the positive effects creative activity can have on personal development, mindfulness and relaxation.

But rather than simply colouring patterned designs as an activity - wouldn't it be fantastic if you could make pictures from your own photos!?

Painteractive ® is the simple yet powerful tool that enables people to do this.

Painteractive ® enables anyone of any ability to make a real painting from any photo. It provides a straightforward framework for people to create artworks with real personal resonance - not only the emotional connection with the image by using their own photo - but also the physical connection of making a unique picture by hand.

As an artist myself - I'm fully aware of how the blank canvas offers the exciting potential for limitless possibilities. To many, however, who aren't so sure of their artistic abilities - but would like to make the first step in making a picture - a blank canvas can be terrifying! The Painteractive ® app - used with specific art materials - provides a structure and process to enable the creation of a satisfying picture that can really add to a person’s sense of achievement, well-being and development - and as a result can only encourage that person to create more. So, with the trend increasing to make art ever more accessible - Painteractive ® offers a greater engagement with the physical practise of creating artworks - to a greater amount of people.

The fundamental point is that Painteractive ® is a simple system to aid the creation of a painting. Michelangelo used a similar number-based tonal system when mixing the fresco colours for the Sistine Chapel..

So, if it's good enough for Michelangelo!...